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Orange Kitchen Collection

03.29.2010 · Posted in Kitchens

I heard a few grumbles (well, OK, one – you know who you are) that my last orange collection just wasn’t orange enough – a bit too burnt, on the whole, I guess. So today I’ll try to remedy that with some more orangey oranges, perfectly cooked, and happy rooms to cook in:  Kandinsky famously ...

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Adventures in Orange

03.01.2010 · Posted in Color, Kitchens

I’ve been frying my brain all weekend working on grant applications for my favorite non-profit organization, so I can barely string two words together right now. But it hasn’t escaped my notice that Spring has been springing energetically outside my window, with pairs of birds and squirrels and blossoms everywhere. Seems as good an excuse ...

A quick fix of color

11.09.2009 · Posted in Kitchens

It’s a gray morning here – I need a quick color break. These two bright kitchens would be sure to wake anyone up in the morning (via hus&hem) I find I really like pink with carrara.  Color can work like  a shot of espresso sometimes! Related Posts:Kitchen Color – Halloween MoodOrange kitchens – the sunny ...

Playful color

10.20.2009 · Posted in Baths, Kitchens

Just browsing on Desire to Inspire when this jumped out at me – at first I thought it was more lego construction: but no, it’s a really fun colorful mosaic in the bathroom. The vivid orange seems to be an accent color through the entire house – here it is as a backdrop to a ...

A softer, gentler, orange

08.17.2009 · Posted in Kitchens

Here are three photos that I think really illustrate how a soft orange can be a great complement to wood tones and earth colors in the kitchen – especially with white as an accent.  Okay, the last one’s a little funky, but the colors are fun, anyway.  The third photo is the one from Apartment ...

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