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Discovering Zephyr – Next Generation Europa Range Hoods

10.21.2011 · Posted in Kitchens

Last week I was one of very a fortunate group invited to the Discover Zephyr two day media event in San Francisco, and what a treat it was! You probably already know that Zephyr make some of the best looking range hoods you’ll find anywhere, and in styles to suit almost any kitchen. There is so much going on at Zephyr, so many hoods, so many styles, and so much technology, I’m not going to attempt to cover it all in a single post:

Inside Zephyr's San Francisco Showroom

In Zephyr’s beautiful 6,000 sq. ft. San Francisco design district showroom, (designed by the Bay Area’s own Fu-Tung Cheng) we got up-close and personal with some hoods from the Next Generation Europa collection:

Verona, from Zephy's Next Generation Europa Collection

(How do you like that LED mood lighting? It is completely under your control – you can choose Cloud Blue, Deep Blue or Amber color settings, or, when really want to impress your guests, the demo mode that cycles them all.)

Beyond the obvious “wow” factor, the sleek and airy stainless and glass designs conceal Zephyr’s innovative technologies that make the hoods better for the environment and for your kitchen – they are up to 80% more energy efficient than comparable models from other manufacturers.

The  patented DCBL (pronounced decibel) Suppression System uses direct current brushless motors to ensure that operation is whisper quiet at “working speed” – designed for the style of cooking most of us most frequently do, with one or two burners in use at the same time. Higher settings make a little more noise of course, but it is moving air you are hearing, and we were able to carry on our conversation quite comfortably during the demo – not having to resort to yelling  and/or hand signals is good for your kitchen and your sanity.

Zephyr Modena from the Next Generation Europa Collection

Another striking innovation is the BLOOM HD LED lights Zephyr use in the canopies. The advantage of LED technology is energy efficiency – 3 watts instead of the 20 to 50 of halogen equivalents. They have been specially engineered to fit in a 1″ profile, allowing the slim and airy canopy design of hoods like the Modena. The LEDs are cool to the touch, so you won’t get hot working underneath them (and you’ll even save on air-conditioning costs), and they have a 25,000 hour life, more than 10 times that of halogen. The color temperature is 3200K, very close to halogen in appearance, and on top of all that, they are dimmable!

Enough of statistics for now? Check out Zephyr’s InspireMyKitchen blog and design competition for your chance to win some fabulous prizes. You can win super-cool design-object prizes even if you don’t have a kitchen project to enter. I can personally vouch for the Beats by Doctor Dre headphones – what they have to do with Zephyr and how I came to possess a set will be revealed in a future post…




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6 Responses to “Discovering Zephyr – Next Generation Europa Range Hoods”

  1. Isn’t that a cool look,Lori? What I always say about glass is yes, it does show the dirt, but it’s also a really easy surface to clean. And because it’s so obvious when it’s not sparkly, perhaps you are more likely to wipe it down regularly, just as you do your cooktop and counters? When a range hood is used and sized properly, most of the grease should end up on the filters, which should be easy to remove and clean – I put mine in the dishwasher.
    And maybe don’t let the cats do the cooking:)

  2. I AM going to look further into the Zephyr hood…so be ready, Sarah. I love the lighted edge look (though in my case, it isn’t terribly MCM). The issue I have with these lovely glass hoods is the grease and dirt. And god forbid! You have a cat! The combination of cat hair and grease residue would make this look BAD in NO time at all. Granted, I have been known as a “practical” architect in the past and perhaps this is my problem. Designers have to remember though that the vast majority of people – especially Americans – are obsessed with the practical AND the sleek. No amount of taste can rid us of this issue.