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Bricks and stones – kitchen texture

04.20.2011 · Posted in Kitchens

We don’t see many old stone walls in my adopted  part of the world – but you really can’t beat them for natural texture and character in a kitchen:

A home in Girona - Alemanys 5

(via and be sure to check out the bathroom, too)

Bricks, we do have, although their tendency to collapse into a heap when the ground shakes means they are more decorative than structural around here:

The warmth of a brick wall -

When your walls are as strong as this, you don’t really get to do much in the way of choosing a backsplash. But it would be hard to improve on these gorgeous textures, wouldn’t it? These homeowners have dealt with the potential problems of that texture, and the absorbent nature of the stone, by using a transparent glass splash in the grease zone:

Stone wall with glass protection - Casa Naute

Walls of such character are definitely a challenge for a designer – do you notice how all these kitchens are very simple, and don’t try to compete with the walls?

Bruno Erpicum - a minimal kitchen with maximal walls

Erpicum & Partners via

It must be because there’s just so much texture in those walls (brick and stone) that the kitchen has almost vanished.  We’ll just have to asume that the sink and the refrigerator are tucked in out of sight, somewhere.  I guess our dull, smooth drywall does have some advantages, after all. We may not have ancient and characterful walls to anchor our kitchens, but at least we get to pick fabulous tile for our backsplashes.

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2 Responses to “Bricks and stones – kitchen texture”

  1. I wondered about the height of those cabinets, too – you’d need a ladder

  2. We are all for the fabulous backsplash tile! I also like upper cabinets which do really work with stone walls ~at least one’s I could reach.