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Too low, can’t get under it

11.11.2010 · Posted in Kitchens

Oh yes, another microwave issue. Perfect for really small people – the rest of us would have to get down on our knees to use it comfortably:

Backache, anyone? (photo from Apartment Therapy)

While a below counter microwave is nicely tucked away, the controls  are just not designed to be seen and used at this kind of angle. And it is difficult to look inside and see if your liquid is boiling over before you take hold of the jug. The latter problem is solved by drawer microwaves (blogged here) – but not the former. I’d like to see tilted panels, or the controls in the top of the door, like incognito dishwashers. What do you think?

Then again, perhaps the owners here are really small – I see they keep their dishes on the floor, after all.

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7 Responses to “Too low, can’t get under it”

  1. Kate – perfect, let’s have Fido do it. Great minds think alike…

  2. Hi Kelly – the titles are from a song we used to sing in Brownies – “gotta get through that door” was the refrain. Perhaps 1st St Brides was the only Brownie troupe ever to sing it? Some of our material was quite dubious

  3. Julie – maybe we could train pets to do it?

  4. I think it is up to the designer of the kitchen to advise the client. How on earth is someone to use this microwave. And as for the picture you have of the microwave above the fridge… That’s so dangerous. If a client accepts this from their designer/ kitchen manufacturer they are very foolish people.

  5. I’m short, but I’m not that short. Getting on my knees to put soup in the microwave isn’t my idea of fun.

    Okay, you posted the “too high” yesterday and now the “too low” today. Where’s the “just right”, O Goldilocks? :)
    Kelly recently posted..On the outside looking incontractors and designersMy ComLuv Profile

  6. If I had this kitchen, I would never microwave anything! Or I’d make my kids do it for me :)
    Julie Warner recently posted..HOW TO- Shop the Warners’ Stellian Warehouse Sale like a proMy ComLuv Profile

  7. I prefer wall ovens to stoves, so I doubt I would like a microwave under the counter. Maybe, if it were right under the counter it wouldn’t be so bad, but with the drawer above it, this one is way too low. Maybe the dog is trained to use it?