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The handwriting on the wall

11.24.2010 · Posted in Kitchens, Oh, really?

I sometimes wonder, in this age where we all tap on screens or type on keyboards to communicate, are kitchens the only places people write by hand anymore?

Nice to be thanked - From Marieclaire Maison

Are we trying to recapture an earlier, simpler time? Post industrial but definitely pre-computer? We might tap, click, and drag all day at work, but at home we laboriously hand-write messages for each other on our walls, our cabinets, even our appliances:

Jessica LaGrange in Marieclaire Italia

I bet all these people are too young, or their schools were too enlightened, for them ever to have had to write repetitive “lines” on a blackboard.  My best friend Susan and I had to do that once, in English class, in Form 2B (2B or not 2B, that is the question… yeah, yeah, funny the first dozen or so times).  Something like that can put you off chalkboards for life:

Bienvenue kitchen - Graham Atkin-Hughes via Desire to Inspire

I wonder about this last picture – how effective can those seating assignments be?  If those are the names of the kids, I’ll bet they are not needed – the kids probably have their seating assignments and pecking order all worked out, whatever you write there. If it’s for the guests, aren’t you being just a teensy bit controlling?

Seating assignments - found at The Kitchen Vote

I’d be afraid that if I misbehaved, you’d have me writing lines, too:  “I will not sit on the stool without permission” over and over again. The horror…

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