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Reflections – glossy kitchens

11.22.2010 · Posted in Kitchens

Today’s gallery theme is high gloss kitchens. Too many high gloss finishes in a space can make it confusing  and busy – but done right reflective surfaces can help create a calm and ethereal mood:

Montreal kitchen by Rene Desjardins, glossy cabinets and books

Montreal penthouse kitchen by Rene Desjardins via Contemporist

I suppose a lot depends on the kitchen – and on what there is to reflect:

Grey kitchen with glass cabinet fronts

Glassy and glossy - via South African Home Owner

This satiny finish reflects light and color without the harshness of mirrors – but then perhaps the apartment is so minimal there is nothing to reflect?

Glossy metallic kitchen cabinets in minimal kitchen

Minimal - via OWI

This example, via the cutting edge kitchen blog Kitchen Design Think Tank, had me thinking there was some fascinating texture on the floor – until I realized it is simply a scattering of sporks. That could just be a bit of a health-and-safety issue – best not to try it at home:

Cabinets with mirrored fronts, contemporary Italian kitchen

Moretuzzo via the Kitchen Mogul at Kitchen Design Think Tank

This last one is down right blingy (if that’s not an oxymoron).  The reflection in the cabinets is so perfect I can’t even figure out what the finish is:

Mirrored tile kitchen wall, kitchen splash with mirror subway tile

Maximal - Barthelemy Ifrah Architects

That wall of polished subway tile is certainly dramatic – but it does hurt my eyes to look at for too long. The problems caused by confusing reflections off glossy surfaces are supposed to be one of the things that get worse with age and deteriorating eyesight – perhaps I’m just too old to truly appreciate this design? I’ve always had a feeling high-gloss is a bit of a man thing – maybe it’s a youth thing too?

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4 Responses to “Reflections – glossy kitchens”

  1. Hi Kate – a difficult question to answer. If you could only be sure it would last 20 years or so, it wouldn’t be so bad. My Mom got a new frigidaire the year I was born – it finally died when I was 22! That said, it’s hard to put a price on how something will make you feel – what’s outrageous for one will be good value for another

  2. Have any of you clients bought a Pro-48? I wonder if they’re worth the 12-14K price tag. I will admit to liking it for it’s looks more than anything. An all-freezer and all-refrigerator would certainly give you a lot more space, and I assume they’d cost no more.

  3. Oh Kate, … and thereby hangs a tale, indeed. What could we all be doing now if those trillions hadn’t been thrown down the drain?

  4. Re the first photo…

    Love the book [cookbook?] storage. Also love the Pro-48 fridge w/ glass door. If “W” hadn’t wrecked the economy, I could afford one!