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Exuburant Moroccan style – through tile

08.19.2010 · Posted in Kitchens

Monday’s  “exuburant” (thanks, Joseph!) bathroom backsplash meets yesterday’s Moroccan style -  in contrast with all that ethereal Tadelakt, let’s celebrate some exuburantly tiled every-day surfaces from Morroco:

Moroccan tile floor - photo Steve Copley via flickr

Tile floor in Fez - photo Steve Copley via flickr

So much color and pattern – the rug seems quite redundant, don’t you think? Or how about this green and white kitchen – the effect is bold and lively, in total contrast to the iron discipline involved in planning and installing all that tile:


The vibrant floor tile contrasts with the simplicity of this kitchen in a Fez apartment:

Fez kitchen - photo Steve Copley

The backsplash in mostly black and white is so restrained it’s hard to believe it’s in the same kitchen – though with the traditional teapots and tagines, there’s plenty of visual interest, even without the color in the tile border:

Fez kitchen - photo Steve Copley

I think a little trip to Morocco should be compulsory for anybody who can’t imagine anything beyond tumbled travertine on the diagonal, or acres of plain white subway tile… a little exuburance can be a good thing!

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4 Responses to “Exuburant Moroccan style – through tile”

  1. Hi Ed – I love to see what’s going on the other side of the world, as well as the other side of the street – thanks!

  2. Hi Sarah, I dropped by to have a look again and you have some good interesting shots as well.

    All of the design inspiration I see around here in North Texas is fairly common and it is good to see other ideas.