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Kitchen Lighting – Sci Fi and Scary

07.16.2010 · Posted in Kitchens

I’ve touched on the use of tensor arm lamps in the kitchen in  an earlier post – and I keep coming across more examples of the trend, if that’s what it is:

On the ceiling...

and on the wall - via Boligmagasinet

I’ve been thinking it’s a Euro/Scandinavian/Commercial Kitchen kind of thing – though with those glacial white surroundings it makes for a laboratory-like look (ugh, what a phrase!). A laboratory on a futuristic spaceship, actually. The light fixtures look alive to me, as if they might take over the experiment at any moment, if they don’t like the way the feeble and fallible human is doing it.  Remember this example (first blogged here), in a kitchen by Vicente Wolf?

Unusual island lighting solution - Vicente Wolfe

I hadn’t realized before, but the  tensor arm kitchen light that totally takes the cake was featured by the New York Times back in October 2008, in the Kitchen of Flaming Lips star Wayne Coyne:

Wayne Coyne's kitchen, via NYT Home and Garden

Maybe I read “Lord of the Rings” too many times as a kid (is 10 times too many?), but that looks exactly like a Shelob to me – an oversized spider ready to descend, paralyze, and slowly digest its victim -  no wonder Wayne and his missus are hanging back on the other side of the kitchen. I am concerned for the safety of that cat….

PS The light fixture is “Dear Ingo” by Ron Gilad for Mooi - see it here. Thanks Design Milk!

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