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Backsplash and beyond – it must be tile Tuesday

07.20.2010 · Posted in Kitchens

Some bright and beautiful, others just beautiful. Striking tile and backsplash designs  from around the web.

I’m not usually  a huge fan of of the framed tile “picture” behind the range, but I make an exception for this lovely monochromatic splash – beautiful yet restrained:

Painting a picture - photo Stuart McIntyre via

Exuberant geometric design and cool colors are perfect in this little Moroccan kitchen:

Moroccan style - Francoise Smilenko via Marie Claire Maison

This next splash violates one of my “rules” though (more on that here), in that there is no reason I can see for the tile to stop where it does. If there is no shelf or upper cabinet for it to die into, then for heavens sake add a piece of trim for punctuation. I just don’t like to see those poor truncated flowers left hanging, without their other half*

Bright and energetic - via Living, etc.

(*Period deliberately omitted in lame attempt to prove point)

Here’s a real beauty that’s been sitting in my inspiration files for a long time  – now this is to me is art, not just a kitchen backsplash. Isn’t it fabulous that goes all the way up to the ceiling, not stopping at the hood as a more pedestrian splash might have done. If any of you out there can tell me who the creators are, I’d love to give them credit:

A work of art - via

Of course there are more ways to use tile than in the backsplash. This floor is made up of a random selection of cement encaustic tiles – how much fun is that?

Tile floor in a brasserie

And beyond walls and floors, you can even tile the coffers of your ceiling – certainly a striking way to introduce some color and pattern into the kitchen!

Tiled ceiling too - via Velvet and Linen

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