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Kitchen Conservatory

06.15.2010 · Posted in Kitchens

A beautiful indoor/outdoor kitchen – this “Oak & Silver” kitchen by Smallbone  was part of the display awarded the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) ‘Gold Award for Excellence’ for the Best Trade Stand at 2010 Chelsea Flower Show. Well, they do have a few potted plants in there:

Smallbone's Oak and Silver at The Chelsea Flower Show

Smallbone's Oak and Silver at The Chelsea Flower Show

The “alfresco”  kitchen is in an Amdega orangery, with surrounding lush gardens by Stephen Woodhams (via).  An orangery is supposed to be a large posh greenhouse where your citrus trees can be moved for the winter in cold climates – but putting a kitchen in one means you can enjoy it and your garden year round – the citrus trees just have to fend for themselves, I suppose. The kitchen materials are pale honey European Oak and dark Marinus granite, there’s a mirrored glass plinth under the island. I like the occasional curves, softening the whole look, and especially the conveniently placed wine storage framing the seating area.

I’m slightly ashamed to admit that I’ve never been to the Chelsea Flower Show, even though I come from a gardening family and I was more or less a Londoner for twelve years – the perfect proof that when you live in a place you tend to take it for granted. Actually, believe it or not, I’ve never been to Harrods either, though I’m really rather proud of that.

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4 Responses to “Kitchen Conservatory”

  1. Right Martin – I’d think you’d want a nice snug “winter kitchen” as well. We can dream!

  2. Very interesting. I was at the Chelsea flower show this year, and I did not see their stand. I find that a bit strange especially since they had a kitchen stand. (I am a builder in central London, and have worked with Smallbones on multiple occasions.)

    Besides that I am not entirely sure I like the setup of a kitchen in the middle of a conservatory. The old “too cold in the winter, too warm in the summer” springs to mine, and in this case they have a fairly narrow back with very few upper cupboards.

    Just my two cents. ;)
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  3. Clarity says:

    Isn’t it funny how the brain works – sometimes we see what we expect not what’s really there

  4. When I first read the title of this post I thought it said ‘Kitchen Controversy’. I looked at the picture and read the post and couldn’t figure out why this beautiful kitchen was controversial. I then thought to myself “Oh, I bet she meant to write Conservatory.”
    Then I went back and read the title and realized you DID write Conservatory!
    Anyway, it’s beautiful!