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KBIS2010 – a few favorites from the floor

04.16.2010 · Posted in Kitchens, Sustainable Design

Just a few of my favorite things from the show floor at KBIS today – not necessarily new, not necessarily world changing, just a few things that caught my eye or made me happy.

First, beautiful LED  pendants from WAC Lighting – dimmable, dainty, energy efficient, and many of them reaching the 40 lumens per watt requirement for high efficacy lighting that we California designers struggle with. Yippee, LEDs will change my world!

WAC lighting LED me

LEDme by WAC lighting

Perhaps not quite so world changing, but still a healthy and sustainable choice, these gorgeous textured glass countertops from ThinkGlass. They can be up to 6 (yes SIX) inches thick, and seamless up to 84″ by 126″.  They look absolutely gorgeous with colored LED lighting underneath, glass is 100% recyclable, and you’ll get LEED points for using it.


Talking of glass, Fischer & Paykel were cooking up a storm at their booth this afternoon.  This innovative cooktop combines super-controllable gas burners with smooth, easy to clean glass.

Fisher Paykel

When not in use, both the potsupports and the control knob retract back into the surface – combining the best features of ceramic and gas cooktops.

Fisher Paykel

The 36″ cooktop has just three burners – beautifully spacious for the chef, but will it be enough for homeowners more used to six burners in the same space?

On the subject of knobs, I couldn’t resist the ones on the Majestic ILVE Italian dual fuel ranges – and there are plenty of them to admire, too!

Majestic ILVE Dual Fuel Range

No knobs at all were a feature of many of the moving parts at the Hafele booth – an island counter that slides to one side to reveal a pop-up TV, another that raises and lowers to accommodate all users, remotely operated up-and-over doors, and a pullout pantry that glides open smoothly and silently when you knock on the door. And all of them with remote controls!  These high tech gadgets help to make kitchens designed for aging in place and universal design both possible and beautiful – changing the world one small solution at a time.

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5 Responses to “KBIS2010 – a few favorites from the floor”

  1. Yes, three in a row nicely spaced out would be so convenient – how often do you really need more?

  2. francois says:

    Six burners? I have 4 and never use them all. In fact, I hardly ever use 3 even. Hmmm. Maybe I should have got a smaller hob.

  3. You know, I think that it might be a purchase motivated by its aesthetics more than its functionality.

  4. Yes I did – I just love the way it works. And I’m on board with the not needing more burners thing, too – but is that a big obstacle when selling them?

  5. That Fisher & Paykel cooktop is so gorgeous — and fun to play with. Did you get to retract the burners?

    I should take a quick video of it next time I’m in the showroom. It’s quite a sight to see.