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Well hidden

03.06.2010 · Posted in Kitchens

I just came across the Beautiful Kitchens blog, an offshoot of the UK magazine of the same name.  I’m borrowing a couple of pictures here, showing a neat solution to those pesky ovens and other appliances  that clutter up your lovely clean cabinet runs:

Now you see it...

... now you don't

It’s not every kitchen that needs to hide appliances behind a pocket door – but this solution certainly can change a busy view to a  calm and restful one, and avoids that favorite bugbear of mine, microwave as accidental focal point.

If you’re like me, and like to see kitchen design ideas from all corners of the world, not just our local standards, hop on over and check Beautiful Kitchens out – you won’t be sorry!

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5 Responses to “Well hidden”

  1. Yes but it doesn’t look like a kitchen! Looks like a wall full of filing cabinets, good idea but very drab in practice. I agree that it’s great to be able to cover up microwaves and other ugly appliances but apart from the bowl of fruit, you would’t know that you were in the room that should be the heart of the house!

    Still, what do I know?


  2. Clarity says:

    Good point Laurie, I didn’t think of that one. Touching your painted finish in the same spot all the time can be really bad for it, but a pull or a knob stops the pocked door sliding away into such a small space …. tricky!

  3. Love this idea. I have a question or comment though, small fingers need only apply. Large gnarly man hands I think may struggle with the petite finger channel at the bottom of the doors. Unless, perhaps they allowed for a touch latch to open the door? It looks under a 1/2″ channel.

  4. Clarity says:

    Hi Cheryl – I saw those, nice article. Hurry up and post it so I can “borrow” yours, too!

  5. ah! love the idea! Check out my design save and splurge in this months Better Homes and Gardens “Kitchen and Bath Ideas” for simliar. I would have some discreet air holes though. Mine were actually sliding when oven not in use, the doors slid over the ovens and exposed some decorative thick open shelves and closed storage on bottom..then when in use, the sliding doors covered the shelves and exposed the ovens! Voila! The pix in mag is small since they could not use all the angles…but they liked the idea well enough to put a small pix on it. I may post the pix to my blog next! I do LOVE this blog though…it is great!