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More Dreams of Italy

02.09.2010 · Posted in Kitchens

A few more photographs for my “I wish I were in an Italian Palazzo right now” series. Is Italian Palazzo a tautology, actually? Does any other nation have Palazzi? Anyway, take a look at this beautiful kitchen via the The Kitchen Directory. Fireplace, windows, shutters, art, marble bust of ancestor, ceiling, and above all, CEILING – it’s got everything, hasn’t it? A striking lighting plan too – but if that were my ceiling, I probably wouldn’t want to be cutting holes in it for can lights, either:

Fireplace, marble bust, and ceiling to die for

All I know about this kitchen is that it is in Sicily – the room is certainly palatial, and this traditional kitchen looks ready for some cooking on a grand scale (photo Felix Odell):

A place to prepare a banquet - photo Felix Odell

Looks like another glorious renaissance ceiling in this room, and again with the marble statuary and the great art. I love the Italian eclecticism that isn’t afraid to put objects from such different eras in the same room (via):

Just a small palace, but it would be all mine

The nearest thing to a Palazzo  I can think of within a short commute from my current base is the Mission Church at the University of Santa Clara.

Inside the church at Mission Santa Clara

Established in 1777, it’s a bit of a late-comer by European standards, and I have a feeling the Jesuits who founded it were a mite less fun-loving than some of those Renaissance Italian families – still, with just the right kitchen, the perfect furnishings, I could do some amazing entertaining in here (always assuming the present incumbents were willing to deconsecrate it and hand it over…)

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