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Kitchen lighting – stand up for sconces

02.04.2010 · Posted in Kitchens

A single wall sconce in the kitchen can be a charming way to add a little pizazz, light a dark corner, not to mention creating a little asymmetrical balance, whether it is a traditional touch:

via Cote Maison "Visite Privee"

or a contemporary accent, like this diminutive member of Artemide’s  Tolomeo family.

One sconce - via Plain English

OK, I admit, the one above might well be half of a pair, simply not shown in the photograph. Pairs of sconces are great too – take these two, lighting the counter and providing a little accent at the same time in this calm contemporary space:

Contemporary kitchen, wall sconces

by From the Desk of Lola via Remodelista

Or these, perfectly framing the hood in this delightfully fresh kitchen by Cheryl Kees Clendenon of Kitchen Details and Design:

Perfectly framed - Kitchen Details and Design

Or how about pairs of pairs of sconces – they are quite a feature in this grand kitchen. With no down-lights at all in the ceiling, they must be very necessary. In fact, it’s hard to imagine the lighting is anywhere near adequate in this space, unless there’s something I can’t see?

Grand, and shadowy? (photo Woodmode)

So let’s not limit accent lighting to a chandelier over the island, or some pretty pendants over the peninsula. I’m definitely in favor of liberating decorative wall sconces from your powder rooms, and making space for them in the kitchen. Let’s just make sure they’re not the only lighting for your workspace.

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6 Responses to “Kitchen lighting – stand up for sconces”

  1. [...] blog posts makes a case for using wall sconces in the kitchen, and provides great photos to illustrate how well wall sconces can fit into your [...]

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Sure. We are looking for 6-12 k & B fixture recommendations.
    Thanks again!

  3. Thanks Miguel – I’ve been working with my new autokitchen9 – but haven’t got to the lighting yet, to see what is already there. Maybe we should take a poll as to designer favorites?

  4. Hey Sarah,
    Good post once again.
    Maybe you can give us a few pointers for light fixtures to add to catalog. I think we may need a few new ones.
    Have a great time in NYC next week!

  5. Thank you Cheryl, for posting your lovely kitchen design. This blog would be pretty sparse if there weren’t creative people like you sharing their work!

  6. Thanks Sarah for the shout out on my kitchen !! The kit you reference with no lighting visible is a woodmode kitchen often used in ads. In fact around here, it is used by several companies even on same publication! How dumb is that??? Anyway I have often wondered where the lighting is also in that kitchen!!! Kind of odd? Maybe woodmode could tell us?? I really would like to know! Good post! I think sconces are an elegant way to add ambient lighting in any space!