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Paint and Imagination

10.16.2009 · Posted in Kitchens

I’m always happy to see a new house visit over at The Dos Family.  They photograph and style so beautifully that they manage to make the most the most lived in spaces look like a magazine spread.  This kitchen is a case in point:

The Dos Family

The Dos Family

The Dos Family

The Dos Family

The kitchen itself is nothing special – it’s tiny, old cabinets (from when, 1970 something?), standard white tiles, and a bare light-bulb hanging from the ceiling. It’s really the opposite of what most of us try to show when photographing our latest work.  But with bold paint, cheerful accessories, and especially, the way it is photographed, suddenly it’s charming and inspiring. And although it’s shooting myself in the foot as far as the kitchen design business goes, I’d rather look at something cheerful and life filled like this than, for instance, this kind of  “$9,900 Flat Custom Remodel”:

$9,900 Kitchen Package

$9,900 Kitchen Package

I’m know I’m preaching to the choir, if you read design blogs you are probably not looking for this style of kitchen (I hope!). This is almost an example of “timeless design”, isn’t it? Actually timeless lack of design – it looked bad in the 80′s and it looks bad now. Better to save your $9,900, spare the trees and the planet until you can do something that actually has value.  And check out The Dos Family and others of that ilk (even here)  for plenty more examples of what paint and imagination can do.

Cheap and Cheerful via HusandHem

Cheap and Cheerful via Hus&Hem

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4 Responses to “Paint and Imagination”

  1. Hi Johnna – it looks like you have an Eichler? Lucky you! You are so right about black and white – I always think contemporary but warm is the way to go for Eichlers, so wood, natural textures, earthy or sunny colors – definitely not shiny and clinical. I’ll have to rummage up some Eichler kitchens from my portfolio and post them for you …

  2. That kitchen is cheap and cheerful, and there’s a “there” there. I’m planning on redoing my kitchen next year (we’re probably relocating it within the house, and I’d like to cook on gas. But what I’d really like is to have something with that charm when I’m done, not just another general head-nodding, oh, she spent money, she did it right.

    Charm and modern (or maybe I mean contemporary really; I want wood and I don’t like white or black) Not a big overlap in the Venn diagram there.

  3. Thanks Jenny – your photos are just great! Dos Family is always such a happy place to visit. How come everyone in Sweden is so stylish, anyway?

  4. That is exactly how I feel about doing the dos visit!! You have described it so perfectly. Thank you so much for the link it made me really happy. Have a grewat day! here in the south part of Sweden it is cold and the air is clear.