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Some amazing kitchen backsplashes

08.26.2009 · Posted in Kitchens

Today I’d like to share some really striking kitchen backsplash designs that have been hanging out in my “interesting” pile for a while now.  What they have in common is that they are all on a grand scale – very inspiring, and although few of us have this much space to work with, we can always dream.

This first one is like a french country kitchen on steroids. I think I would like it even better of the geometry inside the arch had more relationship to the curves of the arch - what do you think? The sconces are a great idea, although I have some doubts about candles wearing lampshades ….

photo Southern Accents

photo Southern Accents

Still blue and white, but with a very contemporary twist – I love the counterpoint here between the circles and arcs on the wall and the sleek geometric hood. Is it mosaic, is it wallpaper? – I don’t know but it looks good.  (photo Paul Barbera via dwellingsanddecor)

via dwellingsanddecor

via dwellingsanddecor

The grand scale of this tiled wall really dwarfs the kitchen, doesn’t  it?  The Moroccan home of designer Agnes Emery – those underwater colors would be very calming and cooling in a hot climate. And look, more sconces, although with such an enormously high ceiling, how else could you light the counters?( materialicious)
via materialicious

designer Agnes Emery via materialicious

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