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More kitchens with open shelves

08.10.2009 · Posted in Kitchens

I have quite a collection of kitchen pictures with beautifully arranged and accessorized open shelves.  Since it is over 100 degrees outside, I’m selecting some with kitchen color schemes that are cool and fresh as kitchen design inspiration for today.

photo Kvanum

photo Kvanum

photo Country Living

photo Country Living

One of the best things about having  the accent colors derived from accessories like this  is how easy it is to change the mood by changing what you have on display.  You can keep things cool and airy for Summer, and then bring in warm or earthy accents when you want to warm things up in Winter.  That’s something you can’t easily do when the color is in the cabinets, counters, backsplash, etc.

All these kitchens look like a great place to be preparing a fresh salad from the garden on a day like today.   It’s interesting that 2 of them are from the Scandinavian world – I wonder, are these summer homes, or do they keep this fresh airy look all year round?  I think if I had to live with a real Winter rather than our brief Californian wet season, I’d be pulling in some colorful rugs and accessories, and maybe even changing the window treatments.

Check out the lovely ellmania blog for more refreshing and inspirational photos – and keep cool, wherever you are!

phote via ellmania

photo via ellmania

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5 Responses to “More kitchens with open shelves”

  1. Me too! These pictures are beautifully styled, but there is a reason why most of us need closed storage as well as display.

  2. Kitchen Lover says:

    These are very cool – I wish I could be so organised!